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Volumetric surveys

Topographic mappping

Setting out

Topographic Surveys ​

Geodesign LLC uses a combination of high precision GPS and Total Station to undertake topographic surveys. Survey information is processed through mapping software to produce the required outputs. Drawings can be supplied in any coordinate system (UTM, ARMWGS-84) and multiple scales depending on the site conditions and client requirements

Geological Surveys

​Geological engineering surveys are required in construction to ensure accurate and correct location of buildings and structures. Geological engineering surveys identify engineering-geological and hydrogeological conditions of the expected construction area, soil characteristics hazardous geological processes and other.

Volumetric survey ​

The purpose of a volume survey is to produce a three-dimensional model of stockpiled supplies or excavated quantities from a borrow pit. Volumetric surveys are in effect a variation of topographical surveys, where particular attention is paid to levels and break lines for the accurate modeling of spoil heaps and mounds.