GEODESIGN LLC is a surveying company based in Yerevan, with projects in all regions of Armenia. We offer a large variety of solutions for any survey requirement above or below the ground. These survey solutions are provided by our qualified, experienced and enthusiastic Surveyors that understand client needs and deliver a high quality, cost-effective service on time and to client requirements. Our company is offering following services:

  • Topographic surveys
  • Geological engineering survey
  • Routing services for linear projects
  • Cadastral surveys and mapping for property registration
  • Hydrographic survey
  • Building survey and structural monitoring
  • Setting out
  • Volumetric survey
  • Survey control
  • Preparation of reports, acts and as build drawings

Geological engineering surveys performed by Geodesign LLC are required to ensure quality at different stages of the design and construction. Surveys identify engineering-geological and hydrogeological conditions of the expected construction area, soil characteristics, hazardous geological processes and other possible complications in the process of construction and operation of structures. It is performed by studying physical-geologic conditions, geologic structure, hydrogeological conditions, main physical-mechanic soil features, chemical composition of underground waters and corrosive soil activity. Our staff of highly trained professional surveyors can tackle a project of any size. Whether it’s road construction, pipeline, irrigation or sewerage system, Water reservoir, electric transmission and distribution, wind energy or GIS/Mapping solutions, we have the manpower and technology to provide the results that our Clients expect and deserve. All of our land surveyors are equipped with electronic total stations, data collectors, and the latest land surveying tools. They are trained and managed in the most efficient ways to collect survey field data. All of our data is gathered in the field electronically and transferred to our system servers. All sites are documented with digital cameras, and the digital files are provided to our clients if desired.