Building surveys

Building surveys are often required for the redevelopment and future use planning of existing buildings. Buildings and installations inspection is being carried out in accordance with normative documentation requirements. It includes various measures aimed for checking current operational conditions and functionality of the objects.

Survey Method

Buildings structure inspection is being performed step-by-step: preparatory stage, visual examination, instrumental (detailed) inspection. Instrumental examination includes measurement works and assessment of physical-mechanical characteristics. During the examination different engineering research methods and modern technical equipment are being used. We perform a full range of works required for technical inspection of a building:

Technical inspection

  • Detailed measurements with application of high-precision geodetic equipment;
  • identification and classification of defects and damages in structures;
  • field works (cutting, sounding, sampling of structural materials for laboratory analysis, etc.);
  • inspection of building foundations and foundation soils;

Survey outputs

  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Cross Sections
  • Long Sections