Setting out

Setting Out is the process of transferring the actual coordinates of a building, road or other structure from design drawings to the ground/site. Setting Out points can be represented on the ground by stakes, planks, nails etc.


Survey Method

Our surveyors use either GPS or Total Station for Setting Out. Total Station is generally used for high precision works on buildings and structures and GPS is used for roads, pipeline routes and open areas. Setting Out Points in any coordinate system to sub-millimeter accuracies and can establish high precision Control Networks in UTM or ArmWGS-84. We have required instrumentation, personnel and experience to set out on small or large scale projects.

Survey Outputs

  • Pegs or stakes in the ground
  • Technical Report
  • drawings
  • Microstation drawings
  • Hard copy drawings
  • Excel File containing point information


  • Construction
  • Electricity, Water and Gas
  • Transport Infrastructure