Volumetric surveys

Volume surveys

The purpose of a volume survey is to produce a three-dimensional model of stockpiled supplies or excavated quantities from a borrow pit. Volumetric surveys are in effect a variation of topographical surveys, where particular attention is paid to levels and break lines for the accurate modeling of spoil heaps and mounds. The information supplied on the drawing should include contours, levels, feature annotation and quantities calculated in cubic meters, or, tonnage where possible.

Survey Method

High precision GPS and Total Station are ued to undertake volumetric surveys. Survey information is processed through dedicated mapping software to produce the required outputs. Volumes are calculated at the processing stage along with any other necessary information (i.e. average fill/cut). Before and after surveys can be subtracted from each other to give rapid and reliable quantities of earthworks.

Survey Outputs

  • Hard copy drawings
  • Cross Sections
  • Long Sections